Badger Sports

Badger Sportswear was established in 1971 in Statesville, North Carolina. The company was purchased by brothers Jerry and Bill Carr in 1984, who in 1994 launched the successful Badger Sport brand you know today. In 2016 the company was acquired by CCMP Capital.

Badger Sport is a leading provider of superior-quality team uniforms and performance athletic wear, including performance t-shirts, fleeces, shorts, pants and outerwear. Badger's products are worn by youth and adult athletes, fans and supporters, and by corporate team members nationwide.

The stated mission of Badger, “Quality For All,” represents Badger's industry- leading product innovation, best-in-class order execution, and unparalleled service that has helped Badger become the trusted supplier to team dealers, decorators, and wholesalers throughout the U.S.


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